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Because MyPocket adapts to everyone

Because MyPocket adapts to everyone

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Single payment of €25 for one year

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Premium access

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Single payment of €25 for one year

Save €11

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It is important that you think about choosing your currency as you will not be able to change it later. If you plan on using your card in Europe, choose € (EUR). If you live in the UK or if you plan on using your card there, choose £ (GBP). All your fees will be taken in this currency and you will only be able to receive money in this currency.

For information on transaction fees, click here or on the "FAQ" menu and then go to "Fees".

If one of your banking transactions fails (lack of funds on the account, purchases not supported by the card...), you will automatically be debited €0.20 or £0.20

Payments at automatic pay stations (petrol stations or tolls) as well as on game or dating websites are not permitted for now with your MyPocket card. In case you try any of these transactions, you will be charged €0.20 or £0.10 depending on your account's currency.

These merchants indeed block the maximum authorized amount for 30 days which would hamper you for your daily expenses, thus we decided to forbid the payments to these types of merchants.

Yes, there is a fee for replacing or renewing a card.

To receive a new card, you will need to apply to us at support@mypocket.io enclosing a photo of yourself with a piece of ID next to your face.

€10 or £10 will be automatically deducted when you order your new card.

If your balance is not sufficient to order your new card, please make a new deposit of at least €10/£10 first.

Please note: if your account is inactive, i.e. there have been less than 6 transactions in 60 consecutive days, you will receive notifications to warn you and then you will be debited €2.50 or £2.50 per month.

If you want to close your account, send us a selfie of you holding an ID next to your face on support@mypocket.io. You will be charged 10€ or £10 once your account is closed.

What the media say about us
What the media say about us

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