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MyPocket account operations

In the MyPocket App, on the home screen, click the "Documents" button and select GNI.

Download the PDF file to send to your correspondent, or print it if necessary.

In the MyPocket App, on the home screen, click the "Documents" button and select Statement of account.

Download the PDF file if necessary.

If your recipient already has a MyPocket account, use the Pocket to Pocket service: free and instant first mailings (Send tab, choose Pocket to Pocket).
If your beneficiary does not have MyPocket:

  • Please invite him or her to join MyPocket
  • or for transfers to Europe: use the Pocket to Bank service: first transfers within the European Union are free, but take 24 to 48 hours (Send tab, choose Pocket to Bank).
  • for other international transfers: use the Pocket to World option: tab Transfer, choose Pocket to World.

At present, it is not possible to pay at automatic checkouts at service stations or motorway tollsas well as on games or meetings with your MyPocket card. If you try to make a transaction of this type, you will be charged €0.20 or £0.20 in transaction rejection fees.

These systems block the maximum sum authorised for 30 days and would penalise you for your day-to-day spending, which is why this type of payment is not possible.

As a first step, check the following points:

  • Do you have enough money onto your account?
    ⇒ check your balance on the app's homepage
  • Are your recipient's bank details filled in correctly?
    ⇒ check them by selecting your beneficiary ("Send" / "Pocket to Bank" tab)
  • Have your usage limits been reached?
    ⇒ check your limits in your account settings
  • Is your account locked?
    ⇒ you can write to support@mypocket.io for more information.

Incoming transfers are only processed from Monday to Friday during office hours.

MyPocket cannot receive SWIFT transfers, so each incoming SWIFT transfer is returned to the sender.

The outgoing EUR bank transfers are handled only from Monday to Friday until 2:30 p.m. each day, and generally arrive within 24 or 48 hours on a working day.
The outgoing GBP bank transfers are handled during business days only from Monday to Friday, from around 00:30 to 5:45pm UK time. They are usually delivered in some hours.

If a transfer you are waiting for is not yet credited, there are several possible reasons:

  • either it has simply not arrived yet
  • or it is in the process of being validated (see important points below)
  • or it exceeds your unit load limit. This limit is set at a maximum of €2,000 or £1,700 per load with the free access, and €3,000 or £2,600 maximum per load with the premium access
  • or the total amount of your loads would exceed your monthly limit with this additional transfer.

You will find all information on loading limits here

Important points:

  • If the sender of the transfer you are expecting is a third party (i.e. if the sender's first and last name are not your own), we are obliged to check the legitimacy of the transfer and carry out additional checks. In this case, we may contact you to justify the origin of the funds received. If no proof is provided within 2 working days, the transfer will be rejected and returned to the sender. 
  • If you receive a transfer for an amount greater than your loading limit, it will be rejected and returned to the sender. Please take care to respect your loading limits.

You may have entered an incorrect 3DSecure code 3 times, in which case please contact customer service at support@mypocket.io. As a reminder, MyPocket card purchases on online gaming sites or dating sites are not permitted.

This is a security measure to prevent frauds. It’s called 3D secure technology

This is an enhanced security measure.

To prevent fraud, for each online purchase you will receive a confirmation request via a MyPocket notification.

You must confirm that you are the person making the transaction by clicking on the notification you receive, and entering your security code on the MyPocket application.

If you have not yet provided your ID you can still correct your information. If not, please contact customer service by writing to support@mypocket.io.

Please contact customer service by writing to support@mypocket.io

We are not yet able to offer this service.

You can have one virtual card, and one physical card.

Sorry, we are not yet able to offer this service

Sorry, we are not yet able to offer this service

Sorry, we are not yet able to offer this service

We are not yet able to offer this service.

But some merchants can offer you this service if they are able to manage it themselves.

The MyPocket card can be used anywhere in the world where the Mastercard network is present.

However, some restrictions on use exist:

  • At present, it is not possible to pay at petrol station or motorway toll booths, or at gaming or dating sites with your MyPocket card. En cas d’essai de transaction de ce type, 0.20€ ou £0.20 de frais de rejet de transactions vous seront prélevés. Ces systèmes bloquent en effet la somme maximum autorisée durant 30 jours et vous pénaliseraient pour vos dépenses quotidiennes, raison pour laquelle ce type de paiement n’est pas possible.


  • Some sites sometimes reject payments made with prepaid cards. In this case, we are not able to intervene, as payment authorisations are directly refused by these sites.

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