Fighting for financial inclusion and against poverty

The aim of Fair-eZone is to treat people with dignity, while encouraging social links, cohesion, and inclusion.

Fair-eZone has therefore developed MyPocket in order to offer essential banking services to all. MyPocket is a mobile app offering daily banking services as well as international money transfers to all European residents while addressing the needs of people from diasporas, refugees, or people with financial difficulties.

MyPocket offers a free bank account (IBAN) and a free virtual card as well as other complementary services like international money transfers, all of these at very low prices.

MyPocket is particularly suitable for people who find the access to fundamental financial services too expensive or difficult.

Our commitment

Access to basic financial services is still impossible for many people around the world. However, banking inclusion is a prerequisite for social inclusion: without an account, without an IBAN, without a payment card, it is impossible to ensure daily life and develop your own projects. And because banks continue to favour money over people, immigrants, low-income households remain in a spiral of exclusion.

It is time to act.

MyPocket offers the best financial services at the lowest price on the market: a current account, an IBAN, a virtual payment card, an optional physical international Visa card, and an account management application with the most advanced functions. With a starting fee of exactly €0.
And we do not intend to stop there!

The best is yet to come...
MyPocket. Money to the People.

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